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 Web site tools, resources, scripts and programming.  
Help Wanted. [ We need your tutorials, articles, and scripts. ]
No, we don't have any current job openings or employment opportunities, but we really do need your help.
We're in the process of redesigning / rebuilding the www.2bone.com web site and we're looking for assistance from the internet community.
Questions? You have questions?
Hopefully they are answered below. If not, please send any and all questions via email to submissions@2bone.com. We'll respond as quickly as we can - certainly within 24 hrs.

What exactly are we looking for?
We're looking for submissions in a variety of categories related to the internet and/or Web design and Web development. There is a detailed list on the next page.

How big should these submissions be?
Written articles can be of any size, as long as they are complete, and do not refer the reader elsewhere to resume the article. For larger articles, we will divide the content across multiple pages to keep our pages loading quickly. (Bonus: you as the author will be mentioned on each page!)
Tutorials can also be of any size, as long as they completely cover a topic, and do not leave the reader with an incomplete project.
Scripts and Program code should be complete, with thorough documentation within the code so that users do not need to contact our site for assistance. For script submissions, we will include descriptions of the function of the script, as well as working examples (where appropriate for smaller scripts), and links to a site where the user can download files containing the scripts.

How can you submit your work?
Currently, we ask that you send it via email to submissions@2bone.com

Disclaimer - the 'fine print'
We reserve the right to edit or refuse any submissions at our discretion. At all times, you will retain ownership of the published article, and said ownership will be acknowledged on our site.

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