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  Taken from my personal bookmarks...
    [updated: 03/24/03]

Here you will find a collection of odds and ends. Some of it is useful, some is quirky and some of it is just plain strange. Nonetheless you will find something here that makes checking these links worthwhile. And because you won't remember what the name of the site was, bookmark now!

  • Fun things - Odds and ends. Humor. Games and Contests. Freebies.
  • Search Engines - Ever tried finding anything on the Web? These are the S.E.'s that I turn to most often.
  • Money lost, found and otherwise - No, this is not a list of get rich quick schemes. These links simply relate to money - converting it, finding lost cash - that kind of stuff.
  • Handy bits and pieces - Sometimes you just need to know where to find a certain program for your computer.
  • The West Coast - It's a unique lifestyle, out here on the Left Coast. British Columbia links, info and nonsense.
  • Geek & Techie Stuff - Oh don't get all bent out of shape now. You know who and what you are.. if you can find something useful in these links then you probably use pocket protectors.

Search Engines

Western Canada...
SearchBC - This one has a local flavor, listing only sites in British Columbia.. so if you're from Toronto or New York, you can see what's happening on the West Coast.

Glide - A British Columbia based listing... sometimes you can find some very interesting stuff on the local directories that you just won't find on the bigger S.E.'s

Everywhere else ...
Google - Probably the best all-around search engine there is.

Metacrawler - This is a handy search engine that dashes out and checks on most of the other major Search sites to get you some results. Fast.


Currency converter - Ever wanted to find out how many Ethiopian Birr's you could get for five bucks? This is the place to find out.

Bank of Canada Unclaimed balances search - You know how you opened that bank account when you were twelve years old, and lost the bank book? Twenty years later you're wondering whatever happened to that $6.72 you left behind, right? Guess what... it's still there. The Bank of Canada takes the money and holds it for you.. until you click on this link and rediscover it.

Note: There are some unscrupulous people on the Web that want to charge you $10 or $15 just to give you this link. Jerks. If you happen to hit the jackpot here.. please send me a note telling me your story... I'd just like to know that it helped somebody!
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Handy things to know

Reverse Directory - Somebody just phoned you and hung up. You don't recognize the number on your call display, but you'd like to know if Bill Gates is trying to get ahold of you...

Postal code lookup - Canadian postal codes

Tucows - No... sorry, this is not a farming site. This is a good place to look for odds and ends of all kinds of utility programs. Most of these downloadable programs are shareware or freeware so you can try them without a committment.

Adobe - Have you got a budding artist around the house? You're going to need some serious software.. as well, you can see some pretty amazing artwork at this site.

Macromedia - Maybe you need the Flash plugin? Maybe you just want to see the Macromedia Flash site of the day archives?

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West Coast people and places

Around British Columbia...
MyBC - One of the BC based portal sites... you can get little bits of news, weather, sports...etc here.

T-Net - (aka is a portal site for the tech industry in BC. Tech news, tech jobs, tech events.

The Province - The newspaper. It's a "tabloid" style paper. 'Nuff said.

The Fraser Valley...
The Chilliwack Progress - Chilliwack's own hometown newspaper.

Chilliwack weather forecast - Fresh from the Environment Canada weather office - yes, it's probably calling for rain and wind.

Abbotsford weather forecast - likely this is still more wind and rain!

Agassiz weather forecast - more rain!

Hope weather forecast - additional wind and rain, perhaps a little sleet?

The little town of Chilliwack. - It's been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and if you're like me, you still can't quite figure out where all the traffic came from that's suddenly created a 'rush hour' here in Chilliwack... here are some figures that show just how much traffic there really is on the streets of our once sleepy little town.
Afraid to drive in this town any more? Here are the bus schedules.

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Fun stuff, contests, freebies and other useless links...

The Ad Critic - OK, nobody will admit to watching television commercials, but I'll put the link here anyway. This site is an archive of ALL of the TV ads that are worth watching. If you have Cable or DSL internet access, be sure to have a look at this site. Some of this stuff is absolutely hilarious, while others are like 30 second big screen movies ... but of course, I've never watched any of them... I've just been told this stuff.
Update: December 8th, 2002.
Sadly, the original Adcritic has been purchased by 'big business'. You'll now have to register to check out the commercials. What a shame.

Contests - Who doesn't like a chance to win 'stuff'?.

more Contests - Another link, more stuff, more chances.

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For Geeks, Techies, & other non-social creatures - Got a Web site? Need some really easy to use tools to change the content on your site? Maybe you're a designer/developer that's tired of updating pages for your clients? You've GOT to check these programs. How do I know? I've used these programs extensively as I formerly worked with them on a daily basis. Great software, great company, great philosophy of customer service and support!

The DLL archive - Have you ever had a crash because you've lost a .dll file? This site claims to have the largest collection of .dll's on the Internet. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this site is NOT for you.
Update: February 16th, 2002.
Apparently this site has also disappeared. If you happen to know where it has gone, please send me an updated link by

Driverguide - software drivers, it's an archive... if you don't know what I'm talking about, this is NOT the site for you.

Winzip - Just in case you've recently discovered that you don't have a compression (zipping) program on your system yet.

Webhosting - Need a new home for your site? Check out, where you can compare various Webhosting companies. Personally, I recommend based upon personal experiences that I have had with a few of the 'economy' hosts.

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